Welcome to My Bubble

My name is Amy. My Mister and I just relocated from Toronto to the East Coast with our three daughters, five year old twins Neener and Roo, and Baby Squiggles (collectively, the Blister Sisters.) I am a 31 year old mother, editor and writer, and I started this blog to challenge myself. To make myself better at mothering and writing. Simultaneously. Ever try to braid maple syrup soaked hair, wipe a snotty nose, breastfeed and write a dazzling blog entry all at once? Tricky…veeery tricky indeed.

I write with my heart on my sleeve and my tongue in my cheek, and this blog deals with the joys and pains that I face as a mother, wife and woman. If I manage to make you laugh or cry or both, please feel free to tell me about it.

Enjoy the experience. I sure do.


5 responses

22 06 2008

Love your stuff! Please contact me at the email addy above.

Online Editor, ParentsCanada.com

4 07 2008

bravo, you are both brave and talented, thanks for making me laugh and cry….

10 10 2008

we miss you here dreadfully, thanks for a wonderful way to get some blisterwisdom at a distance… Happy Thanks Giving

7 01 2009
Errin you know who I am

Love the site. I have not made it through everything as I have a 2 year old standing behind me on my chair taking pictures of the back of my head with a vtec digital camera and tooting… stinky!!

13 09 2010

Hey Amy,

You are truly a gifted writer. We took a memoir writing course together at the WFNS. Would love to get together with you sometime for coffee. I’m starting a blog of my own and could use some advice from a “PRO”!!!

Email me: denisegallupe@hotmail.com


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