Back by Popular Demand

8 12 2008

Good morning Dear Reader, my name is Mr. Blister and I will be your substitute blogger.


Most of you (hopefully) are wondering, “What happened to the saintly narrator of life in the Blisterdome, the irrepressible Mrs. Blister?” Well, she’s a little repressed. Which isn’t the same as depressed, mind you. Oh no. She is currently being repressed by teeth. Stupid, useless teeth. Between her easy-breezy root canal which resulted in 3 days (and counting) of facial throbbing and Squiggles’ front top teeth threatening to burst forth from her gums which resulted in 6 days (and counting) of near sleeplessness for Squiggles and her walking, talking soother Mrs. Blister, the torch of attempted humour has been passed humourlessly into my shaking, sweaty hands. 

I know, I know. This blog isn’t all about trying to make funnies about our life and times. Mrs. Blister has set a high standard not only for levity, but poignancy. Plus, she makes us laugh and cry.

In any event, I think I’ll take what time I have with you Dear Reader, to impart some of the valuable knowledge I have gleaned from my harrowing adventures as a homemaker. 

Most of you (probably) are wondering “But Mr. Blister, didn’t you already know everything before you switched from bread winner to bread baker?” Well, I thought so too! Turns out there were a few aspects of life I hadn’t quite mastered…

Needless to say, after 6 months on the job, I am now a qualified expert on everything domestic.

So, Dear Reader, feel free to make notes, pass my ideas off as your own to impress your friends, and don’t forget to comment on every one of my posts or else my extremely fragile ego will be hollowed out with a drill and filled with rubber cement…figuratively speaking of course.




3 responses

8 12 2008

Well Mr Blister,I’m quite sure that the torch is in very capable hands!

8 12 2008

do tell.. son ‘o mine..what tid bits of domestic knowledge can you pass on to us? Multi tasking I think is the key element here. If you can master have it made in the shade.

10 12 2008

Dear Mr. Blister…I am sorry to hear about your trials and tribulations as far the the tooth indusrty goes but you must always remeber that it can always be worse.In a few years you will have four GIRLS going through a monthly visit at the time(hopefully the same week to get it over with a bandaid)So cherish these precious few years before the green teeth and black claws of all four women rain down on your male head….Oh yes have a lovely day!!

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