Another Barfday

4 12 2008

It has come to my attention that I talk about barf an awful lot on this blog. You may be wondering why, so allow me to offer an explanation: I’m gross, and I have the sense of humour of a six year old I have three kids. And they barf. A lot. Particularly on, but certainly not limited to, birthdays. Or, barfdays, as I like to call them.

Yesterday, we celebrated Baby Squiggles’ 1st birthday. The day began beautifully. Up until now, Neener and Roo have had very little interest in their baby sister, but on the morning of her first birthday, they were suddenly eager to teach her words she already knows, hold her just long enough for a picture, as long as she does not move, pull their hair, or try to stick her fingers up their noses and play with her birthday presents. Which is exactly what they did until it was time to go to school. Mr and I then spent the rest of the day being big slackers getting down to party preparations. Sticking rainbow balloons on the ceiling. Vacuuming dut-duts off the floor. Reminiscing about the night Squiggles was born. By the time Neener and Roo got home from school, we were ready for a few folks to swing by for a casual supper, and I was already contemplating what kind of wine would fill and refill and refill again my toasting glass. And then it happened. Roo would not eat her snack. My barfies radar immediately went up, and I reined in my wine drinking plans. Sometimes I hate it when I’m right. By 10 pm, the barf-o-rama had begun.

But here’s the worst part: we had Squiggles’ 1 year appointment for the autism siblings study this morning (I’ll post on that later). Roo was in no shape to go to school, since she was up a few times through the night, and up for the day at 4 a.m, and since we go to great lengths to avoid logistical nightmares that involve all of us needing to be at different places at different times while some of us are either barfing, sleeping or having root canals (yeah, that’s today too), we elected to keep Neener home as well. Which would all be fine if it were not for the fact that this is the second time in two weeks that Neener and Roo have told their teacher they were going home to a family birthday party, and then not showed up at school the next day. My paranoid mind can’t help but think that the teacher will think one of two things: either that we let them stay up so late whenever we have a birthday party that we can’t get them to school the next day….or worse, that I get so drunk at every birthday party, including but not limited to my one-year old’s birthday party, that I can’t get my act together enough to get my kids to school in the morning. Which, despite my best efforts, is not what happens. The truth is, we just have incredible timing that only makes us look like irresponsible slacker parents.It’s all our kids’ fault. They are total germ bags.Happy Barfday. Again.




One response

4 12 2008

Guess what! The world will think what the world will think. What exactly are they missing in school? BBBBBB ….ball. Rather ridiculous when they can read the newspaper. The best teachers a child can have is the parents. So no problem. Besides my little baby turned one year old .Yeah!! Your and your brother’s birthdays used to last a week ! A celebration of how glad we were to have you!Them’s nanny’s babies so go nuts! Celebrate!

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