The First (Play) Date

25 10 2008

I’ve Neener has been anxiously waiting for an opportunity like this. A real playdate. A chance to go to another kid’s house to check out their toys and see what they have in their fridge play. But I’ve we’ve had a hard time breaking the ice with any prospective partners. There is no easy way without smelling like mango vodka to ask a strange parent for their phone number, or just blurt out, “Hey, can my kid and I come over to your house tomorrow?” Of course there is the tried and true strategy of getting the kids to drop hints, and go around asking their classmates if they can come over and play, knowing that eventually someone will say yes. Only problem there is that you can’t control who says yes the parents might not be on the same page with the playdate plans and the next thing you know, you’re losing your playdate virginity in the backyard of some kid with a chainsmoking mother, a giant bottle of Pepsi and a bad case of headbugs. So, we’ve taken the wait and see approach, calmly biding our time until we we saw the right opportunity for our big break. And finally, that big break came. Literally. Neener’s seatmate Jonathan broke parts of his arms. Both of ’em. On back-to-back days. So with a broken wrist and a fractured hand, the poor guy has been stuck at home driving his mother berzerk for the past week and a half. Which gave Mr. the brilliant idea of digging out the invitation to Jonathan’s birthday party, and calling his parents to see if Jonathan was ok. He even cleverly suggested that Neener would love to come by and drop off the card she would make when we told her to made, and maybe even nose around in their fridge keep him company for a while. And they said yes!

So yesterday morning, Neener and I got all gussied up in our cleanest finest casual outfits and went to Jonathan’s house. For over an hour! Jonathan was thrilled to have someone other than his three year old sister to play with, and his mom was thrilled to have someone to gossip with get her caught up on all the stuff going on at school. And while Neener  jumped on furniture, talked with her mouth full of cinnamon bun, and drifted off into her own little land of hyperlexia was not always the most attentive playmate, Jonathan and his mother did not seem to mind. Turns out Jonathan is a little weird quirky too. When it was time to go, everyone agreed that we should do this again sometime. I suggested maybe at our house next time where I can try to convince Jonathan’s mom to dip into the mango vodka with me.

There’s only one problem with this budding buddydom between Neener and Jonathan. Apparently, at the ripe old age of 5, he is quite the ladies’ man. A hugger, a kisser, a flirt. I think he may have intentionally cried everyday for the first three weeks of school just to make the girls think he was Mr. Sensitive, too. Neener fell for this little boy’s charms long before this first playdate, and now I think she adores him even more. If for no other reason than because she went to his house and played Leaf Monster and saw that there were cinnamon buns in his refrigerator. Before they’d even had that all-important first playdate, Neener came home from school one day and posed this question:

” Mommy, if me and Jonathan live in a house together and get married, and I get a baby in my tummy, what will we call it?”

Which is why I really hope Jonathan and his mom can come over to our place for a second playdate. A very, very closely supervised second playdate. If I’m going to end up co-grandparenting with this woman some day, I need to find out if she likes mango vodka get to know her a lot better.




3 responses

25 10 2008

Mmmmmmm mango vodka…I’m gonna have o figure out a way to get this stuff to you on a regular basis.

And…YAY…playdate!! How brilliant!

26 10 2008

I think I’m going to embark on a campaign to just make such a big deal about it on this blog and in this neighbourhood that everyone and their dog will be all like, “Oooooo, I must try this mango vodka! If Domestic Blister likes it, it must be good!” And they’ll go ask for it at the liquor store and the liquor store people will go “Wow, we didn’t think this city was fancy enough for a flavour like mango, but, whaddyaknow, they are!”
Or, maybe a marketing rep at Absolut will be out googling their products, and stumble upon my blog and feel sorry for me and send me a case. C’mooooooon freebies!
Oh, and yay playdates! Woooohooooo.

26 10 2008

Go, Neener. Go, Roo. Y’all will be Ms. Popular (what’s the plural of “Ms”?) with playdates, birthday parties, dance invitations, Halloween parties and the like. Soon you’ll need your own social calendar to keep track!

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