Posterity Post #2

7 10 2008

Neener came to me yesterday afternoon and said:

” Mommy, how did the dinosaur get the cock stuck in his mouth?”

After averting a spraying-coffee-out-my-nostrils crisis, and regaining some composure, I managed to not laugh too hard when I said,


She repeated

“How did the dinosaur get the cock stuck in his mouth? The cock they had to try and get out?”

Oh my God, child, what are you talking about? Is this some kind of joke? I’m not sure I want to hear the punchline! Who am I kidding, of course I do. Have you been eavesdropping on the grade fours again?

“Ummmm, cock as in rooster?” I stammered.

Please, please please let her be talking about a rooster eating dinosaur.

“No. On Animal Mechanicals. The dinosaur that ate the cocks and one got stuck and the Animal Mechanicals had to get it out.”

Animal Mechanicals, for those of you who are not watching CBC Kids at 7:30 a.m., is a cartoon about a bunch of robotic animals that go around on missions to save other robotic animals in trouble. To the best of my knowledge, there is no dino-porn in it. Then it dawns on me…

” Oh, the COGS. The dinosaur ate some machine bits and got cogs stuck in his mouth. C-O-G-S.”

Neener smiled.

“Yeah. Cogs.”

And I took a chance on another sip of coffee.




3 responses

7 10 2008

cbc kids-$40.00
5 year old asking “How did the dinosaur get the cock stuck in its mouth?”-PRICELESS
LMAO…kids say the darndest things!!!

7 10 2008

This was so funny.It reminded me of a friend’s child who asked his dad where Egypt was.His dad was so proud that his four year old son had an intrest in world geography that he hauled out the globe and showed his very smart son where Egypt was. The child responded “Yes Daddy, but where is Egypt on the tape machine?”
Kids ! Go figure. Take it all calmly until they explain! Loved this post!

8 10 2008

Yow! Dino-porn in the Blister household. Glad you got that straightened out.

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