29 08 2008

Another visit to the little house in the big woods, another week of blogging slackerdom. So, here are the highlights and lowlights:


The first half of the week was warm and sunny, and completely justified my packing of tank tops, shorts, summer dresses and bathing suits. We hit the beach. Nanny taught Neener and Roo to (sort of) tread water. Squiggles bobbed around on the waves in her giant inflatable puppy dog boat. We had a bonfire, complete with weenies, s’mores, stargazing and a Bon Jovi sing-along. We went to a farm and fed bunnies, saw a llama, and bought vegetables that were so fresh I should have slapped them. I did a reading (an excerpt from this very blog) at a Writer’s Federation event. I rocked the house, if I do say so myself. We went to a gorgeous ocean-side wedding of another friend from way back. Inexplicably, the sweet little girl I remembered had grown into a stunning young woman in what was surely only the blink of an eye. It was a ’20’s themed wedding and reception. The bride arrived in an antique car, the guests were dressed in flappers and pearls and hats and suspenders, and the reception was the epitome of romance, in black and white: a regular community centre transformed into an ultra classy party-o-rama, red roses on every table, and fountains of chocolate. Honest to god chocolate fountains, complete with fruit and skewers for dipping. One dark and one white. It was awesome. Mr. was sporting the all-black 20’s gangster look complete with a pinstriped hat. Me? A blond bobbed wig, little black velvet hat, black shift dress, white pearls, black feather boa and fishnet stockings. One hot gun moll. We drank, we danced, we dipped strawberries in chocolate, and we generally rocked the house if I do say so myself. And I didn’t even get sick! Yes, those were the highlights.

And now, for the…


The second half of the week was cold and rainy, which completely justified my packing of jeans, hoodies, raincoats and socks. Nanny taught Neener and Roo about how the Scottish used to stick thistle burrs beneath the saddle blankets of British horses to drive the horses insane, and I think Neener and Roo decided that they were the Scots and I was a British horse, and so made it their mission to try all manners of insanity inducing maneuvers on me, including Roo attempting to eat thistle burrs. Squiggles elected to wake up four, five or six times a night. The computer went berserk, so I was without access to my email, facebook, blog, work research, and civilization as a whole, it seemed. The interview I had set up for my latest writing assignment fell through at the last minute. Mr.’s latest fix-it project at the little house in the big woods was stymied by the mysteries of 30 year old electrical wiring, and much time was spent cursing, plunging the house into varying degrees of darkness, trying not to get electrocuted, more cursing, more darkness, and ultimately culminated in still-gaping holes left in the ceiling of the under-lit kitchen. Oh, and Mr. finally got the barfies. On our anniversary. Wooohoo. The dawn of our seventh year of marriage was spent with him in bed trying not to barf, and me in a rain-soaked, chilly, computerless, dimly lit house trying not to be driven insane by my trio of sleepless, yamming, thistle eaters. But, this is not the first time our anniversary plans have been waylaid by the barfies. Probably won’t be the last. So we’re making plans to go out to celebrate some other night. I might even haul out the blond bobbed wig and the fishnets for the occasion.

There. That pretty much sums up last week of our life. And now I can get back to writing about more important things. Like the meetings I’ll be having next week at Neener and Roo’s new school, in which I’ll be trying to make sure that no one does anything stupid, like try to teach Neener the alphabet, or put a smiley face within a five mile radius of Roo. Or my surprising conclusion about weaning Squiggles. Or what I’m going to do about corn poop. That’s right, corn poop. Curious? Me too. I’ll keep you posted.




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29 08 2008

I missed your wonderfully colourful blog posts while away. It sounds like life is coming at you fast – as always. Way to go with the wedding, the writing, the kids, the sun and swimming. Boo for the thistles (ouch!); the rain, the computer crap, etc. Oh and happy anniversary! Ours is this weekend but do you think either of us has thought about it in the midst of summer, school, work, life, etc??!!! Nooooo, not a chance. And, it’s not do to a barfing mister either. Ah well.

1 09 2008

This too shall come to pass. You will notice as you come to your dotage that thiings are not nearly as important as you would like to think they are. Oh yes, a new mouse did the trick!

2 09 2008

And that is why I’m not a computer fixing professional…

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