I’m a SuperHero. Seriously. My shirt says so.

23 08 2008

Thanks to my dear pal Traci for passing along this, which I’ve added to my list of stuff I want…

Available at www.etsy.com




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27 08 2008
Mr. Blister

Dear Mrs. Blister,

Please make a habit of posting gift ideas, especially leading up to your birthday and Christmas. Our anniversary, Valentine’s, and Mother’s Day. Also, thank you for posting timely reminders of when they all are.

27 08 2008

Dear Mr. Blister,
Anniversary – Sorry sweetheart, but it’s already past. I know you were busy with a case of the barfies (which I’ll be writing about soon) so I’ll settle for a belated ‘Happy Anniversary’ on my facebook wall.

My B-day – Still a few months away, but I have two words for ya babe: lululemon and aveda. You’ll know the occasion is getting closer when i start forging neener’s handwriting and putting ‘black lululemon remix hoodie size 10?’ and ‘aveda rosemary mint shampoo and conditioner?’ on the grocery lists.

And Christmas? How about a nice vasectomy? And I promise I wouldn’t even write a blog post about it…right away.

28 08 2008
Mr. Blister

Dear Mrs. Blister,

It seems saying the words “Happy Anniversary” (between barfing) no longer fulfills the recognition clause of our unwritten Lazy Married Couple Contract. Now a facebook comment is required too? Okay, done.

I love to see you in Lululemon as much as you love to wear it and as you know, any shampoo as expensive as Aveda is made from baby seal tears. (consider it done)

And Christmas?…………….How about a nice vase, and we’ll save the ectomy for some other year?

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