Posterity Post # 1

30 07 2008

These are little snippets of my life that I do not want to forget. At the same time, I can’t always parlay each of these little vignettes into a full blown post, so I’m just going to jot down a few lines while the words, the moments, are still fresh in my memory. That way, when I forget, I’ll have this blog, and you dear readers, to remind me about the time…

We decided to take a walk over to a big, interesting statue in a park near our house, with the intention of reading the little plaque that would explain what exactly the statue was and why it was there. We told Neener and Roo that we were walking to the stature to read what was written on it, to see what we could learn, and off we went.As it turned out, there was no plaque. But there was indeed something written on the statue. Scrawled in poorly painted black graffiti letters on one side, the words “Dog Shit Park.” Neener reads, absorbs, and mutters to herself, “Dog shit park. We learned this is called dog shit park.” So now, I wait in eager anticipation of the day when she asks to go there again.


Neener needed her finger nails cut. Manicure time, as I like to call it, making it sound fancier and much more appealing than it is. But this time, she resisted.

“I think I need my nails long,” she tells me.

“Why?” I ask, waiting for an answer that involves nail polish, being a young lady, or other such fanciness.

“Long finger nails make it easier for me to pick the boogers out of my nose.”

Very fancy indeed.




6 responses

30 07 2008

Thank you for making me snort as I sit at my desk at work!! And for those of you who know where I work, it’s not really the snorting environment!!

30 07 2008

Aha! I snort in your presence, snooty rich ladies! Take that! And I know you grow those long fancy nails because it makes it easier for you to get the boogers out of your nose!
I write this blog just for you, Jod.

30 07 2008

Strange. I was sure you had moved to Halifax, not Vancouver, where our local park has been affectionately known as Dog Poo Park for some months now.I wonder if yours is as aptly named as ours, boasting a baker’s dozen or so of fresh muffins for us every time we visit the gravelled playground area there.

31 07 2008

I actually thought that that park had followed us from Toronto!

1 08 2008

Happy Long Weekend.

(Although…as a SAHM/WAHM, you’re probably like me in that every weekend is a LONG weekend…!)

3 08 2008


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