A Day At The Beach. Literally.

12 07 2008

Today we spent a few hours on the beach. Not just any beach. The ocean. Crisp, clear, salt water waves crashing onto miles and miles of hot, golden sand.

Neener and Roo and I splashed in the water, and beheld the awe inspiring power of the waves, the tide, and the vastness of the Atlantic. Mr. played football, and Squiggles napped on the shore. I could become a surfer girl beach bum in a heartbeat. You never know, I just might. At least for this summer.

We dug holes in the sand. We wrote on rocks with hunks of charcoal from bygone bonfires. We played with piles of seaweed. We ignored the dusting of sand on our snacks and ate ’em anyway. I took pictures of my babies on the very same beach where Mr. and I had our wedding pictures done almost 7 years ago. It was a beautiful day. The kind of day that could only happen here and now. The kind of day that finally made me feel at home in this place.

So I’ll forget about the fact that we need to drive most everywhere to get anywhere. We can also drive to the beach. I’ll forget about not having that job I thought I needed. It’s much easier to be a surfer girl beach bum when you are working as a freelance writer. And I’ll forget about the fact that I have no friends here. I have my family. And I have the ocean. What more could I ask for?




2 responses

14 07 2008

I miss the ocean…and I miss the Blisters!!!

14 07 2008

Well c’mon back to the Coast BFF! I’ll clear a spot in office for all your stuff. Mr can pooch sit Fergus, and Fergus can baby sit Squiggles while the rest of us go frolic in the ocean and take surfing lessons.

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