Please, Hold Your Clappy Clappy Hannies. Not.

25 06 2008

Yesterday, as what had been, by all accounts, a rather ordinary day drew to a close, our world suddenly changed. An unstoppable chain of events was set in motion with a single word. That word was cat. More importantly, the speaker of that word was none other than baby Squiggles. Then, when she said it a second, third and fourth time – with the cat actually in the room at one point – Mr. Blister and I both knew that life would never be the same.

Squiggles is just approaching seven months old, and she’s already a bit of a chatterbox. Or babblebox, as the case may be. She very recently added dada to her current repertoire of mama, bub bub, gaga, ahgoo and raspberries. (The sound, that is, not the actual word raspberries. You know, that sound that goes ppffttthhh. Those raspberries.) She’s been working on cat for a while. Everytime she saw a cat, you could see her concentrating, practicing cuh cuh cuh. And finally, last night, out it came. And the best part was, she clearly meant to do it. Her first word was not a stumbled upon accident. She knew what she was trying to say, she said it, repeated it, and she gave herself a huge round of clappy clappy hannies. Yes, she also learned to clap four days ago. I think she was waiting until she had the whole clapping thing down before she attempted a word. How anti-climactic would it be to say your first word and not be able to give yourself a round of applause? That would never do because, trust me, this kid digs fanfare. The rest of the family gets treated to a serious dose of greasy looks and agitated hollers if we don’t sufficiently marvel at Baby Squiggle’s accomplishments. Like her mad skills at biffing toys across the room. Or the panache with which she smears mushed peas over her eyebrows. Or her exceptional ability to make poop go out the back of her diaper all the way up to her neck. Yay Squiggles!

I can’t recall precisely when Neener and Roo said their first words. Or what those words might have been. Ball and book seem vaguely familiar. I really should have written it down in their lovely little baby books, but since I spent the first year of their lives just trying to keep everyone fed, semi-clothed, semi-clean and more than semi-alive, baby books just didn’t make it on to the priority list. Go figure. All I know for sure is that once they realized that they could say a word, more words quickly followed. And they haven’t shut up since. And now Squiggles is adding her voice to the Blister family’s cacophony symphony of sound, hollering that magically melodic first word – CAT – over and over and over again, volume rising to climb above the din of her wildly applauding family. At least we better be applauding wildly. Otherwise her next words will very likely be “Clappy clappy hannies for me dammit!” Indeed, life will never be the same.




5 responses

25 06 2008

Good one! Now you have learned how for the next couple of decades how very golden silence was.

25 06 2008

Appropriately for my little aspie self, my first word was light.

26 06 2008

I have written on my calendar” twins first step” on June 9th. cannot wait to teach her to say Nana

26 06 2008

nana – I remember that first step. One of the few milestones I do recall. It was Neener’s (they didn’t actually take their first steps on the same day, although it does make for a nice story.) Roo’s first step – after a few frustrating rounds of occupational therapy – was about three months later.

lch – wow, light as a first word! nice…good for you skipping over all the dull ones and going for a tricky but lovely word!

28 06 2008

next word, holy shit batman

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