I really should not be posting, but…

28 05 2008

It is just after midnight, and I should be in bed. Phase one of the Blister Family’s official re-location is about to begin and I have to be awake in 6 hours. In 10 hours I have to get on an airplane with my 3 kids. And our tranquillized cat. I have to be as calm, cool, and collected as possible. I’m sort of wishing I could take the cat’s tranqs. But I know the cat needs them more than I do. In 13 hours, I’ll be trapped settled in a hotel room with my three kids. Our tranquillized cat will be at a swanky cat hotel. 36 hours from now, I’ll be in a van with my 3 kids and 2 parents, on the way to their little house in the big woods where we’ll be trapped vacationing for a few days. I’ll need to be on. Mentally. Physically. Emotionally. At the top of my game. I need to be able to sing silly songs, read stories, breast feed the baby, and deal with the outside world simultaneously. For hours on end. Able to carry kids and cats and baggage. Able to avert crises of all sorts before anyone else even realizes there is a crisis. Yeah, I should be asleep instead of writing this post. But my mind is racing. My adrenaline is surging. And this feels like the first moment I’ve had to myself in days. To hell with tomorrow, I need that cat tranquilizer now. But I’ll settle for a glass of wine. And for a few hours, my mind and my body can forget about what needs to happen when I wake. I can forget about boxes and bags and dealing with the outside world. I can just sleep in my own bed next to my darling Mister, which I won’t be doing for a while after tonight since he’ll be staying here to pack and drive our life half way across the country, then taking a few days to set up our new home before we officially move in. Tomorrow is just the beginning. I’ll do my best to get some posts up in a couple of days’ time. But right now, the cat tranquilizer wine is kicking in, so I really should be in bed. I’ve got a big day ahead of little old me.




2 responses

28 05 2008

I am thinking about you all. I will take care of your mister and Neil when they arrive Fir nite. a good bed and good food. and send the on the way Sat am.
Good luck.

30 05 2008

Nobody said change was easy. As a wise girl said to me once “suck it up and move on” . Things will be better when you are back in your own space and are comfortable again . Once you are boss of your own place, things seem to fall right back to normal. Until then you must grin and bear ,it as others grin and bear their changes.

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