Happy Mother’s Day to Me

11 05 2008

Nothing says Mother’s Day like getting up, slightly hungover, at 5:50 a.m with your boisterously chipper children. Unless it’s getting up, slightly hungover, at 5:50 a.m with your boisterously chipper children and stepping on a half-dead mouse in the hallway. That was how my day began. Happy Mother’s Day to me! But this day, and this post are not about me. Or my hangover. Or the half dead mouse which my sweet Mr. turned into a totally dead mouse prior to its disposal. This day, and this post is about Neener and Roo because it is their birthday. So really, to me nothing says Mother’s Day like reflecting on the day, a Mother’s Day five years ago, that my first borns came into my world.

I joked about marrying the man who is now my husband back when he was just some dude in a bar. I joked about having twins on the way to my 7 week ultrasound when I was pregnant with Neener and Roo. I joked about giving birth to those twins on Mother’s Day. And sure enough, I married that dude from the bar, I came back from my 7 week ultrasound with a picture that showed two budding babies, and I gave birth to those babies on Mother’s Day, a full six weeks before my due date.

I could go into great detail of the story of their birth. I could tell you about the “false alarm” two nights before that was not really a false alarm at all. More like a very early alarm. I could tell you about calling the L&D triage desk at the hospital on the night I was admitted, and about how the bitchy nurse on the other end of the phone responded to my nervous, first-time-mom-to-be questions with abrupt answers and the advice to decide for myself if I should head to the hospital. I could tell you about how we did head to the hospital, and how the nurse was not actually bitchy at all, but alone in an extraordinarily busy maternity triage room, with no time for the nervous questions of a first-time-mother-to-be. Or about how we gave that tired, stressed nurse a box of chocolates during our six hour stay in the triage, and how she then kindly brought in a comfy recliner for my husband to sleep on. Or about how, when we finally got into a labour and delivery suite, I waited another three hours for an epidural. How I pushed for two hours before being rushed to the OR because my OB mistakenly believed Neener to be breach, and was ready to put me through both a vaginal delivery and a c-section because he didn’t take the time to look at the most recent ultrasound. I could tell you about how we set him straight; about the small army of doctors and nurses in the room as I pushed against the numbness of a too-strong epidural, breathed through an oxygen mask, and squeezed my husband’s hand; about how my baby girls were finally born, 15 minutes apart, each weighing over 5 pounds; about how they were promptly whisked away for medical attention; about how it would be hours before I saw them again, and days before I held them. I could tell you, in even greater detail, about their Respiratory Distress Syndrome, the NG tubes that fed them, the respirators that helped them breathe, the incubators that kept them warm, the many wires and tubes and machines that went in and out of their tiny bodies. I could chronicle the ups and downs of the two anxious weeks we spent going between the Special Care Unit at one hospital, and the NICU at another. I could tell you about the 36 hour period during which both of my baby girls finally came home.

All of these details are part of their birth story, and there are many tangents, many secondary stories about their birth. All of these details are part of my joys, my fears, and my passage into motherhood. They are forever etched in my heart and mind. But none of those details really matter to anyone but me. So, I’ll focus on the here and now. I’ll focus on what matters in this moment. Like the fact that they are healthy, happy and five years old today. The fact that we’ll be opening Mother’s Day and birthday presents and eating Mother’s Day and birthday cake. And the fact that they know nothing of slight hangovers, half-dead mice, or the details of their birth. Tonight, after I’ve tucked my first borns into bed, after I’ve sung happy birthday to them one more time, after I’ve kissed their five-year-old foreheads, I’ll sit down with my glass of Mother’s Day wine and look at the handful of pictures that were taken on the day they were born. I’ll remember the details of that day. I’ll probably cry. I’ll reflect on the joys and the fears of the past, knowing full well that I have many years of maternal joys and fears ahead of me. Then I’ll probably cry some more.  And I’ll soak in the details of those angelic little five-year old faces that just planted gooey kisses on my cheek, and sang Happy Mother’s Day to me.








7 responses

11 05 2008

What a lovely story–the mouse was just the right capper. *wink* Happy MD!!


11 05 2008


Me, I spent 11 hours in various airports before I finally got to my mama’s house, at 1 am, Mother’s Day. That’s this year, mind you. 🙂

11 05 2008
nanny patterson

How well I remember! I volunteered to work at a friend’s restaurant on one of the busiest days of the year so I wouldn’t drive Mr Blister nuts on the phone. I remember crying at the first pictures and being gratefulfor such a perfect Mother’s day gift.
I remember the feirce love I felt when my babies were born. It was almost bearlike. Thank-you both for my beautiful grandaughters all three of them.

12 05 2008

Happy Mother’s Day/Birth-of-Twins Day to US!! (Though Mother’s Day was 8th May the year mine were born) We had a mango sun on our birthday cake for them this year. Zephyr’s friends planted sunflowers in our new garden. I put a poem in Sunara’s book. Their birthday is one of the best days in my year. And today, Mother’s Day, I was (as ever) happy to be a mother.

12 05 2008

Anika, fellow member of the “BRHS grad class I had my twins on Mother’s Day Club”, Happy Mother’s Day/Birthday of Twins to you too!

12 05 2008

Oh, and I think the half-dead mouse was our cat’s attempt at bringing me a Mother’s Day present…or maybe the kids’ a birthday present. Thanks cat.

15 05 2008
Aunt MaryLou

Love your stories!! You could easily become the next Erma Bombeck–but then again my opinion is a BIT biased. Glad to hear you are heading closer to home. Hugs and kisses to all!

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