5 Things Meme

4 05 2008

Here’s a break from my usual blah blah blogging, as I’m playing along with a little game of blog tag. Thanks to lastcrazyhorn at Odd One Out for tagging me to post answers to these questions. Came at a great time, as I needed an easy post topic to get one up this weekend. Here’s my only problem…I am not at all well connected within the blog-o-sphere, so I don’t really have folks to tag to pass it on! I’ll see what I can do, but in the meantime, I invite you, dear reader, to leave a comment on this post with your own answers.

5 Things in My Bag

– Sunglasses 

– kleenex, used and unused

– 6 crayons

– band-aids, used and unused

– a handful of temporary tattoos that say ‘mother outlaw’


5 Favorite Things in My Room (living room…bedroom is too boring)

– homemade papier mache and cloth sun with furry black eyebrows

– artsy looking, nicely framed black and white wedding photo of mr. chasing me down the beach

– my 3 canvas zebra painting “Zephyr and the Sun”

– pair of hand carved wooden giraffes that I got for 5 bucks at a little store that was there one day and gone the next

– our super-mega ipod and portable i-fusion stereo dock


5 Things I Don’t Do Anymore

– smoke. anything.

– dwell on the past

– drink jack daniels

– sing in bars

– cut my own hair (at least, not that I will admit to my hairdresser)


5 Favorite Flowers

– lilacs

– wild roses

– pansies (I originally said violets, but I like pansies better)

– daffodils

– forget-me-nots






6 responses

5 05 2008

5 Things in My Bag
– plastic bags to carry dirty diapers and pick up after my son if need be
– cloth shopping bag
– hand sanitizer to clean up with after aforesaid diapers and pick-ups
– snacks
– Tao safe-travel thingies from my mother-in-law

5 Favorite Things in My Room
– picture of about 60 family and friends on our front step
– angel decoration I made to remember my daughter
– plants
– bicycle
– my three-year-old’s underpants, as they represent fewer diapers to change and wash

5 Things I Don’t Do Anymore
– watch TV
– rock climb
– get uninterrupted sleep
– let the dishes pile up
– buy plastic crap
(I still cut my own hair)

5 Favorite Flowers
– calendula
– sweet peas
– the tiny purple bell-shaped ones that grow in the grass
– crocuses
– magnolia

5 05 2008
nanny patterson

5 things in my bag
-grandbaby photo album
-important phone number book
-poise pad
-assorted pens that probably don’t work

5 favourite things in my room
-picture Jamie drew of my girls shortly after birth
-big comfy couch(it’s magic)
-record player and VINYL records
-picture on wood when my kids were3 and5
-big fireplace

5 things I don’t do anymore
-regret things I didn’t do
-get mad at the squirrels
-try to bake bread without my machine
-wear high heels
-try to like music that isn’t my style

5 favourite flowers
-Boularderie roses

5 05 2008

5 things in my bag

1. 7 tubes of lip gloss…yes 7
2. an agenda i pretend to keep current
3. metropass…can’t go anywhere without it!
4. ipod
5. random face, eye, hand cream samples from work…free tiny pricey creams!

5 favourite things in my room

1. Fergus
2. my geckos…painted by the blister twins
3. my giant clock!!
4. my computer…it is my link to the world!!
5. my bed…so comfy!!!

5 things I don’t do anymore

1. dwell on what i dont have
2. party like its 1999!!
3. i also no longer drink jack daniels!
4. nor do I smoke
5. …there are really to many more to mention

5 favourite flowers

1. orchids
2. gerber daisys
3. roses…both the country and city types!
4. crocus…they are always the first sign of spring
5. lady slipper

5 05 2008

5 things in my bag
-datebook -I’d be lost without it
-water bottle (pba free)
-matchbook cars
-mini maglight flashlight -safety in so many ways
-Stampin’ Up! mini catalogue

5 favourite things in my room
-my pillows
– flannel sheets
-our wedding vows, printed out
-my PJ’s and slippers

5 things I don’t do anymore
-hide in my closet reading books
-blow-dry my hair
-play computer games
-wake up spontaneously in the morning
-send Christmas cards

5 favourite flowers
-lilly of the valley
-morning glories

7 05 2008

5 things in my bag

Drugs for all ailments
5 plus lipsticks
address/phone book
Wallet full of gift cards
under eye concealer

5 favorite things in my room

cream leather recliner
tv, dvd, vcr
Wall of family pics
glassed in antique cabinet I restored
Truquise, cream, ttan pillows that match my turquise walls

5 things I don’t do anymore

try not to gossip
dwell on what if’s( live in the present moment)
buy more shoes( unless they are on sale)
regret past mistakes

5 favorite flowers

baby’s breath

7 05 2008

Ignore spelling- in too much of a hurry and phone at work is ringing

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